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Nipple sparing mastectomy safe

A new study indicates that nipple sparing mastectomy is a safe treatment alternative for patients with breast cancer. ABC News

Breast reduction brings physical and emotional relief

Twin 42-year-old sisters say they are pleased with the physical and cosmetic outcomes of their breast reduction surgeries. One of the women went from size 40G to 38DD, and both said a lifetime of taunts and back pain prompted them to seek treatment. “We removed probably about 1,200 grams from each breast, which is about 2.5 to 3 pounds from each side,” said their plastic surgeon. ABC News/Good Morning America (7/3)

More teens and young adults consider plastic surgery

About 15% of Americans ages 15 to 25 have considered getting plastic surgery, according to a 16-nation online survey by InSights Consulting. “In those teen years, there are basic things that tend to bother kids, and the most common things I see are kids who want to have their nose fixed,” said plastic surgeon Daniel Shapiro. Careful screening of young patients is important to ensure they are good candidates for surgery.KTAR-AM/KTAR-FM (Phoenix) (6/26), KDRV-TV (Medford, Ore.) (6/26)

For breast augmentation, less can often be more

Women need to carefully consider personal preferences and ensure that any breast augmentation is proportional to their body type, says plastic surgeon Ram Kalus of South Carolina. They also need to clearly understand the difference between breast augmentation, which involves implants, and a less-invasive breast lift. In the end, Kalus says, women need to feel natural and comfortable. WCIV-TV (Charleston, S.C.) (6/24)

Patients often unaware of coverage for breast reconstruction

Many patients don’t know about “hidden” health insurance benefits, insurers say. For example, breast reconstruction after a mastectomy usually is covered, and so are some reconstructive procedures for injuries, inherited conditions and illnesses. Fox Business/Bankrate.com (6/20)

Reputable manufacturer important when choosing breast implants

British researchers have concluded that PIP breast implants made with unauthorized silicone filler have twice the rupture rate of other types of implants, but they are neither toxic nor carcinogenic. Women have faced an “incredibly worrying time,” said National Health Service Medical Director Bruce Keogh, but his study found no long-term health threats for women with PIP implants. Approximately 47,000 women in the U.K. received the silicone implants, which were never approved for use in the United States. BBC (6/18)

It’s not the technology that is important, it’s the surgeon

Obsessed with weight loss, many Americans fall for unproven techniques, writes plastic surgeon John Di Saia. Diet and exercise are important, he writes, and “there are fat reduction technologies that actually work in the right hands.” His advice: Find a surgeon who performs different types of operations to “get an opinion of value.” The Orange County Register (Santa Ana, Calif.)/In Your Face blog

Some non-plastic-surgeons disciplined for disastrous results

USA Today illustrates the dangers of cosmetic surgery being performed by individuals who are not poperly trained. These examples reinforce the importance of checking the credentials of your prospective surgeon and your prospective surgical facility. A good rule of thumb is to insure that the surgeon you chose has privileges to perform the proposed surgery at a local hospital. See the article at the following link. USA Today (9/14)

Dr. Fleming is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery which is the “gold standard” in plastic surgery certification. Dr. Fleming only performs surgery in fully accredited hospitals and surgery centers and uses board-certified anesthesiologists.

Cosmetic surgery gets cheaper, faster, scarier

USA Today continues its reporting on patient safety risks regarding cosmetic surgery.  This article illustrates why price should not be the primary factor when deciding who will perform your surgery and where it will be performed.   The importance of appropriate training, board certification and facility accreditation in plastic surgery is stressed.  Click on the link that follows to see the full report and video.  USA Today (9/15)

Patients risk lives with uncertified surgeons

USA Today reports that doctors who are not board-certified in plastic surgery are increasingly
offering cosmetic procedures that put patient lives at risk. Lax state laws
regarding office-based surgery allow doctors to perform procedures after
receiving only minimal training, critics say. Many patients aren’t aware there
is a difference between residency-trained plastic surgeons and cosmetic
surgeons, says Dr. Phil Haeck, president of the ASPS, in this article. Click on the following link to see the full story.  USA Today (9/13)

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